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  • Spreadable dark chocolate with Hazelnuts
  • Spreadable dark chocolate with Hazelnuts
  • Spreadable dark chocolate with Hazelnuts

Spreadable dark chocolate with Hazelnuts


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Just a sample and you can no longer do without this Spreadable dark chocolate with Hazelnuts, precisely where hazelnuts and dark chocolate are the main ingredient. A delicate cream and the heady scent, a true delicacy that will drive all gluttons crazy, simply spread on fresh bread or biscuits to savour all the balanced and fascinating flavour, absolutely perfect for filling cakes or cookies. Your children will love this great delicacy and you too.

Type: Spreadable Dark Chocolate
Prodcuer: Cioccolateria Mencarelli
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 220 g

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A true delicacy this wonderful Spreadable dark chocolate with Hazelnuts, which has its own hazelnut goodness and give it the unmistakable aroma and the characteristic softness and then spreadability. To all this is added the cocoa to manufacture a product that is absolutely perfect.

Cioccolateria Mencarelli was born from the will of the Master Chocolatier Paolo Mencarelli  to reinvent chocolate as valuable raw material. Starting from Castelplanio, in the heart of the Alta Vallesina Valley, Paolo Mencarelli and has looked for the best cocoa beans, which comes from South America and Madagascar, and refining his technique of chocolate maker, managed to create a new combinations and unexpected interpretations; he has made fine pralines and confectionery specialties made from pure chocolate, improving with Mediterranean flavours the chocolate tradition of the Marche.

General Information: A small dose of chocolate is also suitable for a snack, for both adults and children and also can be used in the preparations of many cakes. How to Eat: The chocolate is delicious to savour alone spread it on bread or cookies or it could be used  to fill cakes and garnish desserts.

Sugar, hazelnuts (18%), vegetable fats ( karitè oil, sunflower oil), powder of cocoa, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla extract. Allergens: hazelnut, soybeans and derivatives. May contain traces of: milk and derivatives, dried fruit, sesame, gluten, peanut.

Prepare your children a perfect snack with our Milk Cookies generously sprinkled with Spreadable dark chocolate with Hazelnuts.

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