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  • Suasa Onions Preserve
  • Suasa Onions Preserve
  • Suasa Onions Preserve

Suasa Onions Preserve


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A jam perfect for preparing dishes to amaze your guests during important lunches or dinners. We are talking about the delicious Suasa Onions Preserve, a true delicacy ideal for improving meat dishes, boiled and grilled, but that is absolutely great if combined with cheese . With its sweet and sour taste it will enrich the flavour of the dishes you will pair with, for a result more than guaranteed!

Type: Oninon Preserve
Producer: Azienda Agricola I Lubachi
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 220 g

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The Suasa onion takes its name from a small town in th eAncona Province , Castellone di Suasa , which has only recently rediscovered the cultivation of this ancient typicality. The Azienda Agricola I Lubachi done with this particular variety a truly superb jam, which acquires a particularly bittersweet connotation thanks to the process, which starts with cooking the onions in sugar and the final addition of red wine. The end result is a jam that lends itself perfectly to accompany boiled meat and cheeses of different aging.

Close to the town of Fratte Rosa (PU), Azienda Agricola i Lubachi cultivates cereals and fodders with the organic method. The company's goal is to rediscover old traditional productions combining respect for origins with respect for the land. The company participates to the project of varietal recovery of Fava Bean of Fratte Rosa, collaborating with the Experimental Institute for horticulture of Monsanpolo del Tronto(AP) and the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Ancona. The company bears the name of the land where is located, in fact, Fratte Rosa is on heavy clay soils known as "I Lubachi".

General Information: The onion jams should be eaten au  natural. How to Eat: They are delicious spread on warm croutons but they are also ideal as an accompaniment to meat, instead of sauces, and cheeses both aged and fresh ones, as ricotta cheese. 

Suasa onion, brown sugar, vino cotto, lemon juice. To create 100 grams of the product, the producer needs 105 grams of fruit, in order to assure an excellent product. 46% of total sugar.

Serve a truly appetizing appetizer with a slice of Chilli Pepper Pecorino Cheese kissed by a puff of Suasa Onion Jam, close a side dish of Peppers pickled in Oil.