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  • Taste from le Marche with box
  • Taste from le Marche with box
  • Taste from le Marche with box
  • Taste from le Marche with box
  • Taste from le Marche with box

Taste from le Marche with box


Chosen for you by the Traditional Chef
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The Marche is a region rich in regional and traditional food and wine production. They were made with passion by many creative and industrious artisans. So why do not take the opportunity to offer the best of le Marche at Christmas? A delicious Soft Salami from le Marche made by Country Pig, the tasty Pecorino with herbs of Caseificio di Pietrantonio, the original Ascolane Green Olives Pâté made by Oleificio Silvestri Rosina, and finally Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flavoured Savoury Triangles of the Rinascimento a tavola. This gift will be certainly welcome from those who have already known le Marche and from who will soon learn to love our region.

Type: Cured meats, cheese, olive pâté and savory cookies
Tasting combinations: 4
Number of items: 4
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 1kg

Availability: In stock

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flavoured Savoury Triangles "Pocket"

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Pecorino Cheese with Herbs

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Box 31X18X6,5 cm
"Marchigiano" Soft Salami

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Ascolana Green Sauce 100g

A mix of products that represent some of the best culinary excellence of le Marche, starting with the original Soft Salami from le Marche made with great skill by the Country Pig, then moved to Chilli Pecorino Cheese of  Caseificio di Pietrantonio of Belforte del Chienti made only with the best fresh milk of their flocks, the superb Pâté of green olives very special as are those olive of tenera Ascolana produce by Oleificio Silvestri Rosina from Spinetoli, and finally with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured savory triangles of the Rinascimento a Tavola from Urbino.

Christmastide is one of the best period of year where you could stay at home with all the family, maybe sitting around a large table and enjoy many delicacies. Just thinking about those happy moments, that why this special mix was made. Why do not you propose a typical starter Marche style with our soft salami, our tasty chilli pecorino cheese and crispy savory triangles with a generous dose of Green Ascolane olive pâté?

Created by: Who wants to start Christmas lunch with Marche style. How to taste: the soft salami has to be simply sliced and eaten with bread,  likewise the pecorino, both items should be stored in the fridge. The pâté could be eaten with a slice of cryspy warm bread or to enrich meat and, after use,  you have to closed it and kept cool. The small savory triangles has to be crunched one after the other,  and then, the package has to be well closed to ensure the fragrance.

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