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Fava Bean Flour Pasta “Tacconi” with zucchini

Our Nostri Fava Bean Flour Pasta “Tacconi” with zucchini. Tacconi is a traditional pasta of our hinterland, a kind of pasta that is deeply linked with the rural tradition. We present it with a seasoning of excellence: some tender zucchini season. So why do we not delight ourselves with a tasty and light meal?


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An unforgettable breakfast between the Monte Conero and the Adriatic Sea

On the Adriatic coast we have a great fortune: we can see the sun rising from the sea. In the Marche we have a double luck; we can make a charming walk in the green of the mountains and reach a beautiful and deserted beach next to the blue sea. I try to explain you how to settle an excellent breakfast in one of the more spectacular places in the Marche combining sports, entertainment and relaxation.