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Cheesecake “Ubriaco” with Cherries jelly in Passerina

Our Cheesecake “Ubriaco” with Cherries jelly in Passerina. The chef often speak of contamination, because it is really exciting to create new delicacies being influenced by unusual customs or traditions. Tasting Marche did not want to give it up and then borrowed one of American desserts par excellence and presents its own edition of cheese cake using cherries jelly cherries in Passerina, you will love it!



Trifle with Strawberries and Sapa

Our Trifle with Strawberries and Sapa. The trifle is one of the most beloved sweet spoon and there are many ways to prepare it depending on the season! The one which we have prepared is great especially during the spring and summer and it’s definitely a cool-fresh sweet, so inviting, within low fat content.