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When the Panettone comes from le Marche

I think each of us, in his memories, preserve jealously few moments, made of words, gestures and emotions that warm up the heart and the soul. For me, many of these are related to the stories of my mother and my grandmother, two strong, courageous women who have left me many valuable lessons. On cold evenings in November and December, crunching some nuts, the mind often comes back to my childhood, when my grandmother started ask us to prepare the ingredients of the “Pizza Christmas”. Do you know it? I will tell you about it.



The olive harvest and the oil

The olives and the oil, sacred and ancient gifts, now more than ever on our tables. The Egyptians attributed the art of prepare oil to Isis, in the Bible an olive branch carried by a dove announced to Noè, the end of the Flood while the Greeks attributed the spread of the olive tree of Athena.



We have Moscioli …

The wild mussels are a real delicacy … and only in the Marche they have the name “moscioli” … special and distinctive enough that there is an hymn to mosciolo …. “C’avemo i moscioli” to celebrate this really special treasure!!!