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Montebello, where “Organic” was born

Speaking of organic is almost predictable, everybody know something, it has many supporters, for someone is even a lifestyle choice. But there is a place in the Marche where it all began, back in 1971, and is the Monastery of Montebello in Isola del Piano (PU). It is just this magical place and the Cooperative of Gino Girolomoni I want to talk about in this article.


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The Bees – Industrious females

Over the last weeks, I have often called our beekeepers and find them busy. Sometimes, after the tenth call and some SMS, I have also lost patience. But then they have called me back and have said, with a voice full of respect and devotion, “Sorry about that, we were with the Bees”, excellent for the mood of working women as we are.


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The Nature Keepers – Part Two

As a child I believed that guard a secret was the most difficult and complicated thing to do, such was the effort I made to do it. When I met Claudio Medei, a couple of years ago, I spoke immediately of its legumes, and the thing that surprised me the most was the sincere gratitude that I heard from his voice as he handed me his business card and told me: “I continue only the job, who taught me everything was my father Nazareno”.
How about to discover with me the story of this company Agricola of Appignano, which contains much more of my secrets of a child?



The Natural stability Wines

Our journey to discover new approaches to the tastings could not miss the natural stability wines, related to biodynamics, but also carriers of the most authentic taste of the land; the one that is not contaminated and that lets the nature takes its course and brings its special… variations on the theme