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purea di fave con erbe amare

Mashed Fava Beans with Bitter Herbs

Our Mashed Fava Beans with Bitter Herbs.Typical ingredient of the farming families of the past, the fava beans are a valuable and healthy food, especially when the product quality is unquestionable. Try this mashed fava beans with bitter herbs, it will become one of your favourite dishes.


insalata ceci, gamberi e rucola

Salad with Chickpeas, Shrimps and Arugula

Our Salad with Chickpeas, Shrimps and Arugula.Good allies to maintain a healthy balanced diet, chickpeas have countless recipes, especially when it has at its disposal one of the most valuable qualities. Try our Quercia Chickpea salad with shrimps and arugula, the success is guaranteed!


Albume montato con zucchine - Copia

Broccoli Omelet and Pancetta

Our Broccoli Omelet and Pancetta.The eggs are often a practical solution and not very difficult to prepare a quick meal, but if you want to make it special and satisfying sense of smell and taste make as Tasting Marche, and transformed the eggs in a superb omelet with broccoli and pancetta, feel that goodness!