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For those who want to have a party with friends getting an incredible success with healthy and simple meals, this is the ideal Tasting Experience: Durum Whole Wheat Semolina Fusilli topped with a simple bled of Black Olives Sauce and Green Olives "Ascolane del Piceno Dop", an amazing salad of Quercia Chickpeas and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, bruschettas with Fava Beans Paté with Wild Fennel and Eggplant sauce, all paired with two craft beers of exceptional quality, Kate Craft Beer and Abissale Craft Beer. Let’s start the party!

Type: While Wheat Pasta, Sauces, Olive, Legumes, Extra Virigin Olive Oil, Craft Beer
Tasting Combinations: 3
Number of Items: 9
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 4 Kg 

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Quercia Chickpea
Abissale Craft Beer 75 cl
Organic Durum Whole Wheat Semolina Fusilli
Marasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Green Olive "Ascolane del Piceno Dop"
Eggplant Mousse

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Black Olive Sauce
Kate Craft Beer 75 cl
Fava Beans Pâté with Wild Fennel

For this original Tasting Experience Tasting Marche has selected for you excellent products, with a mixture of taste and health: Durum Whole Wheat Semolina Fusilli of Cooperative Girolomoni from Isola del Piano (PU), the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Azienda Agricola San Michele from Corridonia (MC), the Black Olive Sauce and Green Olives "Ascolane del Piceno Dop" of Oleificio Silvestri from Spinetoli (AP), Quercia Chickpeas of the Azienda Medei from Appignano (MC), the Eggplant Sauce of I Sapori dei Monti from Massignano (AP), the Fava Beans Paté with Wild Fennel of I Lubachi from Fratte Rosa (PU), Kate Craft Beer and Abissale Craft Beer of Birrificio del Gomito from Agugliano (AN).

For anyone who has friends obsessed with food calories and want to cook a nice dinner for them, here is the perfect Tasting Experience! Just start with a nice plate of whole wheat pasta with a sauce made with healthy and tasty olives, continue with a salad of chickpeas and carrots, topped with a good extra virgin olive oil, and vegetarian bruschetta made with fava beans and eggplant . To the right balance between alcohol content and calories, everything must be accompanied with craft beers served very cold ... and your friends will thank you!

Prepared for: An unusual dinner with friends or a fun and original arty, this food combination will ensure a great result, good and incredibly healthy. How to eat: the pasta should be cooked according to package directions or our recipes’ suggestions; the black olives sauce and green olives can be added au natural or with extra virgin olive oil; pate of fava beans and eggplant sauce can be spread directly on fresh bread or toast; chickpea should be put 12 hours soaking and then boiled to make a good salad; beers should be served at a temperature between 6 and 8 °.

usilli alle 2 olive, Chickpeas and carrots salad, Croutons and Beers