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  • Grandfather Barley Coffee with Anise
  • Grandfather Barley Coffee with Anise
  • Grandfather Barley Coffee with Anise

Grandfather Barley Coffee with Anise


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If coffee and anisette are a must have in the Marche Region, this Barley Coffee with  anise could represent the perfect drink that will conquer  you with an intense and unique taste. You could serve it at the end of a  fine meal and could represent a really pleasant and totally healthy break, even better if accompanied by a biscuit or a chocolate glutton. It is so good that it can be enjoyed all day long, to bring the great taste of barley coffee and the unique aromatic note of anise. Perfect also as coffee substitute.

Type: Barley coffee with aniseed for mocha or infusion
Producer: Fattorie Subrizi
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 300g

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The barley coffee drink is preferred by many even to coffee, the reason is  the absence of caffeine. The addition of aromatic notes of anise makes it even closer to the taste of coffee mixed with anise, so dear to all the native of the Marche and, now, appreciated throughout Italy. A hot drink made from the genuine and healthy Fattorie Subrizi, with high quality ingredients, specially chosen to obtain a final product healthy and delicious.

Fattorie Subrizi has started their business in the late nineteenth century, they used to cultivate with traditional methods in high altitude fields between 300 and 500 m. Since this period agriculture has changed a lot, but their company has continued with the same old traditional techniques. Fattorie Subrizi has always used antique methods like lunar calendar, in aim to respect the environment. Today their production have a lot of legumes and cereals: from toasted barley to legumes used for soup and cereals.

General Information: Barley is a hot drink that can be consumed for breakfast or all day long, you can enjoy without any sweetener or with sugar, brown cane sugar, honey or other. Also good for making sweets as a coffee substitute. How to use: It could be prepared with mocha or leaving it in infusion in boiling water for 4-5 minutes.

Barley, anise and star anise in varying proportions.

Enjoy the perfect after-dinner from le Marche, in decaf version, with our Barley Coffee with anise accompanied by a liqueur praline of Cioccolosità from le Marche ... you can not wish for more!