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  • Organic Millefiori Honey
  • Organic Millefiori Honey
  • Organic Millefiori Honey

Organic Millefiori Honey


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The Organic Millefiori honey is certainly one of the best known and loved among the various types of honey. Its peculiarity is to gather nectar of a variety of flowers and, thanks to its sweet and little aromatic flavour. It is never boring and lends itself perfectly to being matched in contrast with seasoned or tasty cheeses or to bake tasty sweets. A truly perfect product for both adults and children, a combination of pleasure and authenticity as it rarely happens.

Type: Organic Honey "Millefiori"
Producer: Azienda Agricola La Viola
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net weight: 500 gr

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The Organic millefiori honey by La Viola farm has a long tradition behind it, since 1980 the company has put the bees and their natural cycles at the centre of the production process. Its distinctive peculiarities vary according to botanical composition and the seasonal climate of the natural environment of origin. This honey, in fact, can have different flavour and colour year after year, which does not happen with "monoflore" honeys.

The La Viola Farm is born in the green hills of Torre San Patrizio, which has been involved in beekeeping since 1980, all the productions of the company are realized in the fullest respect of nature. Over the last decade, the company grew up in its production, introducing the Alloe crops, legumes and cereals, making even more of the organic food the bearer of their business.

General Information: The Honey is a delicious, healthy and, above all, energetic product. Perfect to savour on its own, a teaspoon after another, the honey is definitely a perfect sweetener for many beverages. Delicious as garnish on a variety of foods, such as yogurt, fruits, biscuits, but also savoury products such as aged cheeses or meat recipes. How to eat: Open the honey pot and pick the desired dose with a teaspoon and then enjoy it as you wish. Once used, close the pot and store in a dry place, but never in the fridge.

Organic Millefiori Honey.

Add our Grandfather's Barley-coffee with a large spoon of Millefiori Honey, maybe grinding our "Sbriciolini" cookies.